John Urena, or as most call him, Coach U, is a five sport athlete with over 10 years experience studying biomechanics and sports performance. As an athlete who still plays sports competitively, he knows what it takes both physically, and more so mentally, to reach performance milestones.


Learning hands on from some of the top coaches in the sports performance world, he’s developed his own unique systems and approach to training. As the training world continues to evolve, so must the athlete, and his ability to adapt to these changes allows for peak performance in all areas.


Coach U’s passion is helping athletes understand what must go into their training practices in order to continually improve. With expertise in movement, he understands how to break down what the body goes through during sport, in order to train for these specific demands. He takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done, so you can focus on execution and improving your game.


Most importantly, because he has felt in the past, the missing piece from his coaches was clear guidance, his emphasis on being a good human doesn’t go unnoticed. His training style is not to bark commands, but rather clear communication, in order to make small consistent steps towards your end goals.


Due to the personal nature of Coach U’s training style, he works only with those who truly want to improve their skills, and are looking for support while going through the process.


If you are interested in working with Coach U directly, please send an email to [email protected]